Booking a Photo Shoot for Your Newborn

Booking a Photo Shoot for Your Newborn

When you first bring your newborn home it is a special time for you and your family.  Newborns seem to change and grow just a little more every day and you would like some memories of this special time.  Newborn photography is a growing trend, it captures memories you can treasure for a lifetime.  You can bring your newborn to a photo studio but you will probably find it much easier booking a photo shoot for your newborn in your own home.  Here are some tips to make your photo shoot a success.

Scheduling the shoot

You should book your photo shoot within two weeks of your baby’s birth if you want to capture that precious newborn look.  You can schedule it around your due date, most newborn photographers realize that baby’s set their own schedule and can be pretty flexible when it comes time to book the shoot.  Getting the photo shoot done so soon after the birth makes it easier to work with the baby while they are asleep.

Keeping your home warm

When the day comes to photograph the baby you want to crank the heat and have your home nice and toasty.  Don’t worry about the adults in the room sweating, they will be fine, but you do want to make sure that your baby stays comfortable.  Babies don’t enjoy being too hot or too cold.  Newborn photos often feature your infant naked or in just a diaper, try to find the room with the best possible natural light.

Feeding your baby before the shoot

You should try and be done with feeding or almost done by the time the photographer arrives.  Babies who are happy and well fed are sleepy and sleepy babies are what you want to work with.  If you plan on photographing your baby in a diaper or naked then you might want to get them ready before the feeding, that way you won’t wake them when it is time to take pictures.

Props for the photo shoot

It makes a much better photograph when you use your own props.  Whether you have cute hats or ribbons, blankets, books or anything else that you want to capture in the photo, the photographer will welcome all of them.  Here are some ideas for props in a newborn photo shoot.

How long does it take?

How long it takes for a photo shoot is really going to depend on your baby and the skill of the photographer.  There are photo shoots that are done quickly in under an hour, but if your baby is fussy or won’t stay asleep it can take as long as an entire afternoon.  Do your best to make sure the baby is bathed and well fed for the appointment.  Babies operate on their own time and they won’t be rushed, not even for a photographer.

How to Take Breathtaking Photographs

How to Take Breathtaking Photographs

Learning how to take breathtaking photographs is as much art as it is science and as you get more experience you will learn a few tricks that help you get some stunning shots.  If you are still learning your craft in the hopes of making a living as a photographer here are some tips that will help you along your path.

Understand Composition

Every great photo you have ever seen uses composition if you don’t yet understand how composition works then I suggest you read about it here.  Start with the rule of thirds, and imagine that there is a 3×3 grid overlaying the photo you want to take, a good camera will have that feature built in, put objects of interest where the lines of your grid meet.  This is a skill that is going to take practice, eventually, you will be able to take pictures without the grid being necessary.

Play Around with Light

Light is everything in photography and it can be the difference between an average photo or a stunning one.  As a beginner play around with putting the light in front of or behind the object you are photographing.  Move the light off to the sides and see the dramatic difference in your photos.  If landscapes and nature are your things, then try capturing pictures at dawn or at dusk.  There are plenty of photographers who swear this is the ideal time.  Invest in some good lighting equipment and learn how to use it.

Photoshop is Your Friend

With very few exceptions all of your favorite photographs were edited.  You can use Photoshop or another photo editing tool and take so-so pictures and turn them into something great.  You can fix minor flaws or remove things all together that you don’t want in the photograph.  Many photographers don’t use photo editing software, but that is a mistake.  Learn how to fix your pictures yourself and don’t let a potentially great photograph go to waste because you can’t edit it.

Learn How to Use Your Camera

Your digital camera has all kinds of cool features that allow you to control the exposure these include shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.  All of these can affect the pictures you take in different ways.  Once you grasp how they all work then you can try pictures with different lighting and capturing backgrounds and foregrounds.  Feel free to experiment with different settings, you will get a lot of really bad pictures but you may also learn how to take breathtaking photographs.